Really guys? Why I Hate Everything dot co dot U.K.? Who do you think you’re fooling?

Let’s just get something out of the way.

Created on: 15-May-08

Domain name: whyihateeverything.co.uk
Registered on: 06-Feb-2009

So apparently this Kevin Sanders guy really wants to unoriginally hate on stuff. The hate part I get – it’s not like I’m breaking new ground in cynicism. But there’s one thing I’m pretty sure he didn’t hate, and that’s my juicy web domain. EAT THAT KEVIN SANDERS! Everyone knows a .net domain is 2nd place but he’s not even trying with this one.

So now I officially have an arch nemesis. (Well, either that or a sidekick, but that’s more gay than I’d prefer this relationship to be). So let’s get to know our new friend Kevin Sanders a bit better.

“I’m the one that came up with the concept of this website, if you can call the idea of moaning, whining and bitching a new and original concept. It’s not. In essence, I guess I’m just the guy who coughs up money to air his grievances on a website that very few people will ever read.”

So far we are on the same page Kevin Sanders. No one reads this shit. But I’d be damned if it isn’t hella fun to vent. The problem with ranting, though, is that it’s easy to sound like a 12 year old when you’re doing it. Case in point:

“Now, let me clarify something for the whiny bitches that will inevitably cry themselves to sleep.…”

Or how about his sign off?

I have been Kevin. You have been annoying.

Yup, 12 is about right.

But let’s not trash Kevin Sanders too much. I am sure there are a great many things we can agree on such as the value of Facebook, the pointlessness of etiquette, that I have a better web domain. I certainly wouldn’t want to get in the way of his THREE POSTS in almost as many years.

Live and let live, they say.

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