Rule 34

Rule 34Everyone knows what Rule 34 is. Even if you don’t know it by its formal name, you are familiar with the concept. And as much as you wish it wasn’t true, it is. There’s no denying Rule 34.

If it exists, there’s porn of it.

Consider this post I stumbled upon, courtesy of an inevitable future entry in Why I Hate Everything – Yahoo! Answers.

Yahoo! Answers Rule 34

Following that included link predictably led me to places I can’t unremember. (Man, ‘unremember’ should really be a word. Much more dramatic than ‘forget’). Here is probably the most tame example I could find.

Courtney Gears

It just fascinates me that there is a community of people who get off on this stuff. And all the pictures have comments.


The fact that this is the least offensive offering I could find is not the only difference between the others. For one, this is actually a decent quality drawing. But what surprised me the most is that the vast majority of the Ratchet pictures were gay. Either the little guy going at it solo (so the audience would be gay) or him with one or two other furry dudes getting it on.

I leave you with the top half of a notable picture and a couple comments underneath that i found funny.


Anonymous1: HETERO Ratchet porn? Now i’ve seen everything

Shad-0: Anon1: sorry, but ORIGINAL CHARACTER is actually a dude… his name is hector, the one who made this…


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