Miller Lite Punch Top Can

This advertising campaign isn’t anything special- it’s just another gimmick to try to stir up a few months of excitement for an old product, so I won’t dwell on the big picture. The punch top can allows easy hole poking in the top to let air in so the beer streams out easily instead of in the familiar ‘glug glug’ fashion.

“For a smoother pour.”


Doesn’t anybody find it strange that in a commercial extolling the benefits of pouring beer from a can, that everybody is just drinking straight from the can? Maybe it’s tough to show a bunch of men roughing it in the wilderness and then breaking out the paper cups.

Also, everybody should be well aware that there is already a way to punch the top of cans built into the can. It’s the tab at the top that pops the first hole. Couldn’t Miller Lite be a bit more ingenious about this design and have you spin the tab around to use it again on a smaller hole? Meh, drumsticks are cooler.

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