Fig Newtons

Subject: Fig Newtons

Dear Nabisco,

I love your Fig Newtons and eat them almost every day. They are a great light and healthy snack.

I recently became alarmed at the possibility that these tasty cakes may be infested with fig wasps. What sort of quality assurance procedures ensure that wasps are not present in the figs used in your cookies?

Subject: Fig Newtons

From: "Kraft – Nabisco Email Team" <>

Thanks for visiting our web site.  We appreciate your interest in our Fig

We take special care to ensure our products are free of any foreign matter.
Figs are a natural fruit product of which seeds are an inherent part.  When
prepared into fig paste, the seeds are ground along with the fruit pulp.
You may be assured that these fruit seeds are completely wholesome.

Fig wasps do not lay eggs inside the fruit.  We only use reputable suppliers
for all of the wholesome ingredients used in Fig Newtons.  All raw materials
are inspected and must meet or exceed FDA guidelines.

We hope you continue to enjoy Fig Newton cookies. Please add our site,, to your bookmarks and visit us again soon!

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