Why Everyone’s Explanation of the Blue-Black / White-Gold Dress is Stupid

Sometimes, the internet sucks. Like, really sucks.

No tricks. I’ve got the real (unposted) answer below.

This whole freak out is going around about whether a blue and black dress is, in fact, blue and black or whether it’s white and gold. Here’s the picture.

Tons of scientists and lame-os have chimed in about how our eyes perceive color differently and whatnot. Some of it’s interesting The best one I’ve read is about how our brain is adjusting to the perceived amount of ambient light we think is in the picture.

Here’s the problem. IT’S ALL BS.

I’ve promised you the real answer. Here it is:

LCDs have different viewing angles, many of them bad. While looking at the picture of the dress on your screen, slide your head up and down while keeping the screen still. White-Gold becomes Blue-Black.

Is it magic? No, just stupidity.

Now, I totally understand that the brain, to some degree, is compensating for the over-exposed picture and needs to “pick” a correct color setting. But you can put my theory to the test. Print out the picture and see if you have the same problem.

(PS. Am I the only one that thinks this would make a great Black Mirror episode?)
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