Tween Pop

By now youtubers everywhere have heard of Rebecca Black. The general consensus is that the video for the song Friday is the worst thing ever. It is pretty bad and of course my initial reaction was the same way. However, getting too upset about this sort of thing is like making fun of the spaghetti and meatballs song. This is a song for kids.

Just because the lyrics of one line are, “Fun, fun, fun, fun,” doesn’t mean that this music is an atrocity. If Rebecca Black is 13 then her fans are probably going to be 7 or 8 and think she’s the coolest thing ever. It’s even hard to criticize the autotuning when the majority of adult pop stars overuse it.

So I’m not saying this song isn’t awful but it’s probably a decent influence on some kids and gives them something to dance to that the parents approve of (like the Jeans song). Granted, if there are jr. high kids listening to this they’d have to be partially braindead. When I was 13 I was listening to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors and I would have loudly disapproved of any of my classmates listening to garbage like this. But I tend to believe that the audience of these songs are elementary students who don’t know any better and want to be in with the cool middle school crowd.

Her parents let this thing go out to the public so the backlash is on them- I’m not really defending the girl. And we even get to enjoy funny memes like Death Metal Friday. So in the end it’s not that bad. A terrible song? Yes. An outrage? Not so much. Plus, here’s hoping that this video is the last nail in the coffin for ye olde autotuner.

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