The Fiscal Cliff

Hate to break it to those all up in arms about this whole budget crisis… The Fiscal Cliff is not the end of the world (nor did the Mayans predict it). It’s an emergency measure that will force spending cuts (good) while letting the tax breaks expire (also good). I’m aware that the post-Thelma-and-Louise conditions suggest another recession but that is only if a budget doesn’t get worked out for another year. A month or two off the cliff is not a worry. Wall Street will freak out for a couple days, but that’s to be expected.

I’d frankly be surprised if the budget gets resolved before the end of the year. Congress is just doing a lot of posturing and the media outlets are just playing up the drama, as usual.

By the way, when did I get so political? I refuse to admit it, it’s just that I read a book about this whole mess and I think about it more than I should. The whole point of this post is that I just shouldn’t bother with it.