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Is there a more aggravating email signature around?

If you are sending emails out with default sigs like this then you might as well just have it write one of these things instead:

1) “I am not computer literate.”
2) “I am an Apple fanboy.”
3) “I am a gigantic tool.”

I just bought a new Samsung Infuse and my gmail sig was conveniently set up for me:

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Thanks for hooking me up with that guys! I’ll be sure not to immediately erase that.

Everybody should do themselves a favor and just be less accepting of marketing like this. It helps to be cynical too. Really I thought this was as ridiculous as it was going to get, until I got an email the other day from a coworker:

Hey guys!

Blah blah blah.

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So far we’ve managed to squeeze in the device, the current program that sent the email, and even the wireless carrier. What’s next, sponsorships?

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