New Miller Lite Bottle

I’ve ranted before about the hoops big beer companies need to jump through to make their products seem fresh. It essentially comes down to glorified repackaging of an old product. Well, Miller Lite is at it again.

The commercial has a simple yet serviceable enough premise – a group of guys are apparently ogling the waitress but it turns out they are hot for the new bottle.

The funny thing is, advertisements are supposed to extoll the virtues of their products. So when it comes times to explain why Miller Lite has a new bottle, this is the slogan they came up with:

"The new bottle? What’s there to say?"

This question strangely leaves the audience hanging in the last few seconds of the commercial, free to come up with their own answer, the only possible one that makes sense being: nothing. There is absolutely nothing to say about the new Miller Lite bottle that even a 30 second commercial introducing the bottle written by a team of marketers couldn’t come up with anything.

Then the closing narration:

"The new Miller Lite bottle: Find one at a bar near you."

Sadly, this is probably a more sensible move than attempting to make a premium budget beer. Nothing will convince me to order a Miller Lite at a bar, but for people who don’t care much about taste and just want a cheap American Pale Lager, maybe the new bottle stirs enough curiosity to make a sale.

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