Bad Halloween Puns

“Good evilning, boys and ghouls. Get ready for a spooktacular night of puns and rhyming fright. We will be serving a meal … to die for. Bone Appetit!”

Why exactly did Halloween become the holiday of stupid puns? I am sick of hearing this crap every year. And hey, if you have kids and are busy ingraining this stupid tradition into their heads, I can understand it. But getting an email at work from the HR department full of this stuff makes me question some things. It is not reassuring that these people are responsible for my paycheck every week.

But maybe the deeper question is, why Halloween?

You don’t hear this stuff for Christmas.

“Here is a Christmas ham you’re really going to ‘savior’.”

Or Easter:

“You’ll love the Easter Egg Hunt! Not even being crucified will stop the kids from ‘rising’ to this event.”

I just don’t get it.

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