Penny Patriotism

Supreme Patriotism!

Great, Osama’s dead. Everybody can rightfully rejoice. Even the media isn’t making as big a deal about it as I thought they would have. You can’t really blame them if they did anyway after 10 emotional years culminated in a dramatic and secretive special op. For the most part this is real news with real questions being answered. I’m not going to complain about that, and you certainly won’t find me finding fault with any of the events that went down.

The thing I do find funny is the proclaimed “outburst of patriotism” that broke out around the country.

Drunk College Kids

Sorry, but a bunch of drunk college kids jumping up and down chanting, “USA! USA!” is not quite the poignant scene some would have you believe. Let’s see, last time I did that I was partying with friends in Rio de Janeiro – we were in a dance club and all they played was American music and a few of us felt the need to be ‘patriotic’ as well. Many of these people ‘demonstrating’ out in the streets weren’t there to commend our troops, they were there because it was a party. They weren’t jumping up and down to congratulate our 16 (!) intelligence agencies and operatives on a job well done – they were doing that because they were drunk.

Gun Show
“Hey Osama, check out my guns!”

Anyway, I’m not a hater. I probably would have been out there in front of the White House if I could have been. But let’s just temper our perception of patriotism a bit here. You don’t need to be Abe Lincoln riding a bear to be patriotic, but the act should probably entail more than acquiring a hangover.

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